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Sonority - Live @ Cross Club - 2023


Raw (Distinctive Records, UK)

The album began its life at our friend's beautiful cottage on the rock above Hracholusky Dam. We captured the atmosphere of its surroundings, recording nature’s sounds in the field… especially the ants, water, forest life... 

My personal approach to making music is to have the freedom without restrictions or constraints, hence the album title “Raw”. It means some kind of intractability and identity, something energetic, unbounded and not adult. 

In tribute to the inspirational storytelling and style changes, I tried to make “Raw” a “listen in one take” album. I find that it’s such a powerful experience to listen to the album as a story, from start to end without interruption. That said, many parts of “Raw” make me feel in an ecstatic melting mood. The ending of “Could Be Normal” is the peak moment of the album. Then “Going Home”, back to the one, to the all, like a last breath.

The album is fringed by spoken lines. They are not there just for aesthetic purposes and hippie intellectual pomp. They are part of my view on us and the world.



Creating music and sound design for Theater, ads..


Recording, mixing and mastering Club Music, radio & TV commercials, voiceovers.. 


Mixing thematic DJ sets for galleries, hotels..


Teaching music production, recording, mixing and mastering in Ableton Live


Online feedbacks on your music (creative/musical/artistic and mixing/sound engineering aspects of your composition)

Haas_Dny po slávě

Music Composer & Sound Designer

Theatrical performance based on dialogue between Great czech Actor Hugo Haas and his passed brother, classical composer Pavel Haas: experimantal drama based on dramatic events of their Lives. 

The music cites fragile work of Pavel Haas, but at the same time it is a new authorial contribution by composer Sonority.

Toman Design Showreel

Music Composer & Sound Designer

Music, sound design and effects for this corporate video  by Sonority.


Music Composer & Sound Designer

Personality and work of Ludwig van Beethoven, his creative motifs and backgrounds of his emotional life in an abstract way is a subject of this dance theater performance  by ProART Company.

Beethoven's last 10th violin sonata served as their musical basis. However, the Sonority transformed this into a completely contemporary sound. Beethoven's and Sonority's music becomes a kind of bridge between the past and the present.


Sonority Is the operational alias for an electronic music producer and Live & DJ performer Jan Hanak. Sonority's music is offering a mixture of different musical styles ranging from techno, house and IDM to experimental electronic music. The common denominator of his recordings and live performances is rich sound fusing dreamy melodies, noise, ecstacy, energy and rawness. Sonority also composes music for theatre in neo-classical style with an array of influences which range from electronica to minimalism.

Sonority’s own tunes and remixes have been released on a variety of labels (TRAUM Schallplatten, Distinctive Rec, Liquid Rec, Deepwave, System Rec, VIM, Rune) and he often perfoms at well-known Czech festivals (Colours of Ostrava, Let It Roll, SoundFeer) as well as at international ones like Wilsonic, Electronic Beats and Springfestival. In 2016 well received Debut Album Raw was released on London based Distinctive Records.


Echoes @ Fleda (CZ) + Max Cooper
Dawning @ Tampa (FL, USA) Frankie Bones
Springeight (AT) + Roni Size, Bushwacka
The Loop @ Myth Club, Jacksonville (FL, USA)
Beach Vibe @ Playa Delfines, Cancun (MEX)
Submerged @ Tampa (FL, USA) + Infinite Third 
Lightness @ Augsburg (DE) + Oldrich Sic Jr
Liquid Connective @ London (UK) + Logic Bomb
Wilsonic festival (SK) + Apparat, Nôze, Clark
Mystika (SK) + Protonica, Leftism, Digicult

Colours of Ostrave (CZ) + Moderat
Let It Roll (CZ) + London Electricity
Music Infinity @ Prague (CZ) + Lusine
Spectaculare @ Prague (CZ) + John Hopkins
Lunchmeat @ Prague (CZ) + Kangding Ray
Open Air Festival (CZ) + Underworld
Soundfeer (CZ) + Stanton Warriors
United Islands (CZ) + Aloe Blacc, Mixhell
Summer Of Love (CZ) + Stereo MC..s
Electronic Beats (CZ) + Róisín Murphy
Music Infinity (CZ) + Jon Hopkins 
EuroConnections (CZ) + Nathan Fake 
Music Infinity (CZ) + Telefon Tel Aviv (USA)
New New @ Fleda (CZ) + Murcof






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